About Field and Farm Fine Art Photography - Bonnie Block

 Bonnie Block  is a self taught wildlife photographer residing in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Wa. Since retiring in 2009 Bonnie has been able to devote herself to combining her love of photography and art with her lifelong passion for animals and the natural world. Photographing the birds of the Pacific Northwest as well as birds throughout the world has become a major focus of her work. Bonnie prefers to use available light and natural settings for her compositions while observing, but not disturbing her subjects. Additionally she knows that knowledge of habitat and behavior, combined with patience are the keys to the rewards of “getting” the shot. Bonnie feels strongly about educating the public on responsible shooting techniques - to preserve and conserve as much of what is left of nature in our area. If it means risking the life of a subject — walk away.

Bonnie is very proud to have had her image of the eagles and herons of Seabeck, Wa. selected as the 2016 Audubon Photography Awards grand prize winner. The image was selected from nearly 7000 entrants and will also be honored by hanging in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for a year with the Natures Best Photography Show.

In addition to the Audubon winner there are also other works featuring wildlife from around the world. Bonnie also adds some backgrounds to some of the images to create more painterly effects. One of these images, Atlantic Puffins, was the First Runner-up in the altered reality category for the North American Nature Photographers Association 2016. She has been recipient of numerous other awards from the North American Nature Photographers Association as well as the Photographic Society of America.

2016 Audubon Photography Awards Grand Prize Winner
2016 NANPA First Runner-up Altered Reality
2010 NANPA Top 250 Impressions Magazine
2008 NANPA Top 10 and Judges Choice Award

Bonnie is proud to feature prints available at Liberty Bay Gallery in Poulsbo, Wa.

2016 Audubon Photography Awards Grand Prize Winner